South Orange, NJ Junk Rubbish Removal Cost

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South Orange, NJ Junk Rubbish Removal Cost.

What does it cost to remove junk or rubbish from South Orange, NJ? The price to remove rubbish from South Orange, NJ is based on many factors. The most important things to consider when providing costs for rubbish removal or junk removal in South Orange, NJ are how heavy the rubbish is and how much space does it take. The price for heavy rubbish is more expensive than for junk. So for instance the cost to remove a couch would be much cheaper than the cost to remove a safe allthough a safe might be smaller than the couch. 

South Orange, NJ junk rubbish removal cost range for heavy material.

The range of price for junk and rubbish removal for heavy items like dirt, sand, concrete or safes can range anywhere from $3 to $6 dollars per cubic foot. What that means is 10 feet by 10 feett by 2 feet of dirt will cost you between  $300 to $600 to remove. Factors to consider in South Orange, NJ junk and rubbish removal cost is how easy the rubbish is to get to. If its very far away from where we park the trucks the cost might be in the upper range. If we can pull right up to it the cost will be in the lower range. 


South Orange, NJ junk rubbish removal cost for regular items.

Cost for junk removal of standard items such as furniture or household goods is priced by volume on the truck. The price can range between $100 to $900 depending on the amount of items and distance from the trucks. 

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