3 Reasons Why It’s Essential to Get Routine Maintenance on Your Septic Tank

Despite the hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the nation that utilize septic tanks to manage wastewater, many of them are not mindful of timely maintenance and upkeep. While these tanks are an environmentally-friendly option, proper maintenance is required to keep a septic system healthy. Action Septic, a full-service septic company based in Lumberton, NJ, provides tank maintenance to homeowners or commercial residents that need to have their tank serviced.

Depending on your household size and the size of your septic tank, maintenance is typically required every one to three years. Taking care of your septic system should be a priority, especially if you want to avoid the inconveniences that pile up as a result of poor maintenance.

Here are reasons to get maintenance on your septic tank:

Avoid High Costs of Replacement

Upkeep on your existing septic system is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of completely replacing it — which is likely to happen with improper maintenance. While routine septic pumps can average out to a few hundred dollars, installing a new septic tank can easily cost thousands. To avoid the high cost of total replacement, call Action Septic to perform maintenance on your existing septic tank. 

Avoid a Plumbing Backup

Septic tanks can easily become overfilled as all of the water that exits the house goes through the tank. From washing dishes and clothes to taking long hot showers, it’s important to be mindful of water waste. If your septic tank gets full, you may experience a plumbing backup, which will restrict drainage.

Maintain the Health of Your Family & Community

While septic tank systems are a safe way to treat wastewater, improper maintenance can affect more than just household residents. When septic tanks are not routinely pumped, wastewater can be released into the environment. Not only can a backed-up tank contaminate drinking water, groundwater, and nearby wells, but it can also create standing water above ground. Nobody wants to be contaminated by human waste, especially that of other families, as untreated human waste can cause significant risks to public health. Look out for your family and your community by ensuring proper maintenance of your septic tank system.

Avoid the catastrophes caused by infrequent septic tank maintenance and have your tank routinely pumped and inspected so that it holds up for decades. Our services include non-toxic and natural methods to avoid the use of dangerous, harsh chemicals. If you’re interested in professional septic tank cleaning services, contact Action Septic for safe, reliable maintenance. For questions or inquiries, call us today or fill out a contact form.

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